The Pre-Sale for PERSIA DAO is finally here !!

Token Price: 50 FRAX/ 1 PERSIA

Presale Allocation: 20,000 PERSIA

Presale Hard cap: $1,000,000

Individual Allocation: $2,000

Minimum Contribution: $100

Date: 8th December 2021

Time: 2:00PM UTC

TGE: Mid December

NOTE: (The pool is split into two: ANYPAD Token holders And PERSIA DAO whitelisted members. $200,000 is Allocated to ANYPAD Token holders and they will be contributing in BUSD BSC, while $800,000 is allocated for PERSIA DAO whitelisted members and they will be contributing in FRAX BSC)

We apologize for the delay as there has been hectic work behind the scenes. We have reached close to 3000 active discord members and 2000 twitter followers in a very short span of time. PERSIA DAO has been Developing and Building its APP, Platform and Community over the last month. We are not a Clone rather an Ohm inspired model. We will conduct our pre-sale for early supporters on and Potential Public Sale on We decided to go the extra mile to make sure presale happens in a safe and fair manner.

The reason for this is we want to ensure that the community feels safe and the RUG risk which has occurred recently does not concern our investors.

Since PERSIA DAO is a community-driven project, we always value the opinions of our community members. We decided there will not be any VC investments in PERSIA DAO, and rather let PERSIA DAO be a protocol totally owned by the community.

Token distribution and tokenomics of PERSIA

v Early Sale : 20,000 PERSIA

v Public LBPs : 60,000 PERSIA

v TEAM : 5,000 PERSIA ( Locked For 6 Months)

v Liquidity: 40,000 Forming of PERSIA / FRAX as protocol locked Liquidity

v PRICE : 1 PERSIA = 50 FRAX for Pre Sale / Early Sale

v Unsold Token will be kept as reserve for future expansion or token buy back program.

There is NO LOCKUP for PreSale and LBP Sale tokens.

The team tokens will be deposited into the protocol and LOCKED UP FOR 6 MONTHS

Presale Plan and Timeline

Steps To Participate in the PERSIA DAO Private Token Sale on ANYPAD

The ANYPAD token sale will be split into two parts.

1. PESIA DAO Whitelisted members

2. APAD holders.

Ø Option 1:

Get Whitelisted in the DISCORD channel for PERSIA DAO

Ø Option 2:

Buy $APAD here and hold or Stake them in the STAR STRIKE pool.

Holders + Stakers of $APAD Tokens can apply for this IDO by filling this Form :

Ø Buy $PERSIA Token (No Gas War, No FCFS) Flat CAP for all participants

Ø The sale will happen only for the private pool.

Ø Time to Buy Persia — Whitelisted members and ANYPAD token holders will be able to buy PERSIA Token on December 8th by 2:00 PM (UTC).

Ø PERSIA DAO whitelisted members will pay FRAX {BEP20} to Buy $PERSIA, why ANYPAD token holders Ticket winners will pay BUSD {BEP20} to Buy $PERSIA

Ø Claiming of $PERSIA Tokens on ANYPAD — This will be announced on our social media channels. Buyers who paid FRAX/BUSD {BEP20} to Buy $PERSIA would be able to claim their tokens.

The Token sale will be open for 12 hours for the guarantee allocation for ANYPAD token holders and PERSIA DAO whitelisted members with an individual cap. After the first 12 hours, the individual hard cap will be removed, and anyone is free to buy. This will be open for the next 12 hours.

If there is any unsold token, the token sale will be opened for both non ANYPAD token holders and non-PERSIA DAO whitelisted members for the next 48 hours.

Persia Dao Future Plan

PERSIA DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization made up of PERSIA token holders. We aim to make PERSIA become the leading reserve currency protocol. To expand the PERSIA DAO ecosystem and give PERSIA tokens more usage scenarios, we will encourage more active community participation, develop more products, and explore more methods of expansion in the future. Some of the Near Term Plan are following:

- Audits of PERSIA DAO codes

- Governance Functionality

- Partnership and cooperation with other protocols

- Bridges for Multi Chain transfers and Bonding

- Building of a HYBRID token using FRAX, BUSD and PERSIA as collateral till Persia will mature.

Trust and transparency we care about most, and a list of things done so far:

- Multi signature Authentication

All bonds and funds are protected by Multi signature Authentication Accounts. No single individual can alter any part of the protocol without a consensus vote from multiple people.

Website and Application Security

We use Cloudflare CDN for SSL and DDoS protection.

Locked LP

Our LP will be loocked, simple


The development funds are boot strapped. Nobody gets free tokens. The Team tokens are vested for 6 months

Guide On How To Buy FRAX On Apeswap And How To Bridge FRAX ETH To FRAX BSC

- Since we are doing this on the BSC network, you will need to Switch your MetaMask wallet to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Mainnet Network with this instructions:

To switch your MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), you will find at the top “Ethereum Mainnet” Click on it to open the drop-down menu.

At the bottom of the list, you will find “Custom RPC”. click on it.

The window below will appear, Enter these details and then Click “Save”:

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

You are now connected to the Smart Binance Chain!

To Buy FRAX On Apeswap

Head over to: or

Note: you will need little BNB for gas.

You can swap here your BUSD or BNB to FRAX. Click to select FRAX as the token you want to Swap to.

Select FRAX from the Drop Down as shown above to get the Target Token. The input token can be BNB or BUSD.

Connect your wallet and Click on Swap or Approve as may be the Case..

You can Select Swap or Approve as may be the case.

Metamask will prompt you for the Approval. The gas fees on BSC is quite Low and Apeswap is a decent platform.

You have successfully swapped your BUSD/BNB to FRAX tokens

To Bridge FRAX ETH to FRAX BSC Network

Visit and connect your MetaMask extension, then purchase the desired amount of FRAX you would like to contribute to the PERSIA Token Sale. You can also directly use link below:


(NOTE : you can also purchase FRAX on 1inch)

- To bridge your FRAX tokens to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Follow these instructions.

Visit Multichain bridge and connect your MetaMask wallet. You will arrive at this page:

Choose FRAX (ETH) in the “from” menu and FRAX (BSC) in the “To’’ menu, then write the desired amount you wish to bridge to BSC then click “Transfer”

A MetaMask transaction will pop-up “Confirm” it.

A pending deposit transaction will appear and wait until it is finished.

A confirmed transaction will pop-up.

You have successfully bridged your FRAX tokens.

About Persia DAO

Persia is building a stable currency backed by multiple assets or a decentralized infrastructure Owned & Governed by the Persian community. The Persia stable currency is valued algorithmically backed by a wide range of market leading stable currencies paving ways for an anti-bear solution.

Persia is an asset underwritten and backed by a wide range of established industrialized stable coins such as “FRAX/BUSD” followed by the LP assets. The smart contracts and codes driving Persia are carefully vetted, verified, and submitted towards trustworthy auditing institutions to maintain its transparency. All the primary and secondary decisions made within the platform regarding the assets, bonding and staking would completely be governed by the community.

PersiaDAO is building a Stable Currency backed by a basket of Stable coins.