PersiaDAO Token Burning, Revised Token Metrics, Airdrops & Liquidity !

We are humbled and excited at the same time to have the support of the best and brightest minds in the blockchain industry and our community. We appreciate our investors and all-round support we got from everyone. It hasn’t been an easy task but with your support, we will achieve what we have outlined in our Roadmap and reach higher goals. With the experience of our core team, we feel that PersiaDAO will be well-positioned to make a positive impact in the stable currency space, and more.

The raised funds will help the platform to fulfill its mission of building the future stable currency. We understand that we have only collected minimum funds and we will work with what has been raised. We are here to give back to our community what they have committed. In the beginning, many VCs approached us for an opportunity to invest in the project but we declined it because we don't want the token to be controlled by anyone. Our main aim is to make the project a community project and we are working towards it. PersiaDAO is a community project and we can only succeed with the support of the community.

Since closing the presale, PersiaDAO has been focused on the next steps in its roadmap which includes upcoming TGE, Exchange Listing, App launch, Staking and bonding.
We planned to airdrop some $PERSIA to our presale investors who have invested more than $500. The airdrop can be claimed during the presale token claim.

Here is the airdrop structure:
- $500 & above / $50 PERSIA
- $1,000 & above / $100 PERSIA
- $1,500 & above / $150 PERSIA
- $2,000 & above / $200 PERSIA

We have further decided to burn all the Liquidity Boostraping Pools tokens, thereby reducing our Genesis supply by almost 70%. We now have a new token metrics. $200,000 raised in FRAX will be added to the liquidity.

Token Metrics
- Presale = 8,000
- Airdrop = 2,000
- Marketing = 3,000
- Future project development = 7,000 (Locked For 6 month), locked in stake pool
- Team token 5,000 (Locked For 6 months), locked in stake pool
- Liquidity: 4000 Forming of PERSIA / FRAX as protocol locked Liquidity

- 96,000 for LBPs will be burned

- Genesis total supply: 29,000 PERSIA

We are grateful, hungry, and ready to launch PersiaDAO! We hope you are too!!!

More information will soon be announced about the TGE, listing schedule and App Launch.

About Persia DAO

Persia is building a stable currency backed by multiple assets or a decentralized infrastructure Owned & Governed by the Persian community. The Persia stable currency is valued algorithmically backed by a wide range of market leading stable currencies paving ways for an anti-bear solution.

Persia is an asset underwritten and backed by a wide range of established industrialized stable coins such as “FRAX/BUSD” followed by the LP assets. The smart contracts and codes driving Persia are carefully vetted, verified, and submitted towards trustworthy auditing institutions to maintain its transparency. All the primary and secondary decisions made within the platform regarding the assets, bonding and staking would completely be governed by the community.




PersiaDAO is building a Stable Currency backed by a basket of Stable coins.

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Persia DAO

Persia DAO

PersiaDAO is building a Stable Currency backed by a basket of Stable coins.

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